Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dining on a Dime: Cheater King Cake

Hooray! It's Mardi Gras! 
Ok, admittedly, I'm an atheist, so the religious aspects of the holiday don't really apply to me. However, I can't turn down an excuse to bake something.
I really would have liked to make a real King Cake, but, with work and other obligations, there just wasn't the time. This recipe presented a happy alternative using crescent roll dough (which you might have noticed, I love). I found the recipe here.

The only thing I changed was doubling the cream cheese mixture. In my book, the more cream cheese the better. I meant to press a bean into the dough to serve as the "baby" since I didn't have one. Unfortunately, I forgot this until after I pulled it out of the oven. Oh well. I also go in a hurry and poured on the glaze before it had cooled.
Normally, I would type up the recipe and directions for you, but I'm going to go enjoy some King Cake and a drink.
Happy Mardi Gras kids!!

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