Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gee, I Wish I Knew What I Was Doing...

For someone who reads quite a few blogs, jumping into the blogging world is intimidating.  Yes, I know what the bloggers I read do that I enjoy, but one certainly doesn't want to get accused of stealing ideas.  So just knowing where to start was a really tough question.  Where do I have this blog hosted? Do I pay or use a free service?  What do I write about?  What on earth do I call it?

I have absolutely agonized for weeks now over what to call this blog.  I made lists of other blog titles I liked trying to find some inspiration and even tried a few different possibilities on for size.  But nothing sounded quite right and what was worse, didn't feel quite right.

One afternoon I stumbled upon the word "fol-de-rol" on something I found leftover from the Renaissance Fair.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, fol-de-rol means "a useless ornament or accessory, a trifle."  It's old fashioned, and being a history geek, that appealed to me.  "Frippery" came to mind almost immediately, it means "second-hand finery, affected elegance."  Both of these are words I might affectionately use in reference to my crafting projects.  None of them are necessary items, but they make me happy... sort of like fun words like fol-de-rol and frippery.

So the blog was finally born.

Despite making it this far I'm still rather confused about where to go from here, so anyone who chooses to follow me can follow the adventure or disaster, as the case may be.  There is still a great deal I need to consider and decide.  Obviously, I'm hoping for the adventure and I certainly hope we all enjoy the process. :)

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