Thursday, June 7, 2012


Okay, so I'm a day late.  Sue me.  Migraines are no fun and certainly prevent thinking enough to write a post. Life goes on.

So, my thoughts are to make Winesday a weekly event, because, I apparently need a reason to drink more wine.  Typically I would like to try a new, relatively cheap wine every week and share my thoughts on it with you all.

This week, however, that will not be the case.  I find myself in a bit of a tight spot financially.  Again.  Lovely.  Anyway, in lieu of actually trying a new wine, I have decided to tell you a little more about some of the wine available from wineries near me, at least until some funding can be restored.

Now, I do not have the most, well, grown-up tastes in wine.  My one of my aunts call them my Kool-aid wines.  I'm working on branching out to drier varieties, but it is a slow process.  I am a sweet tooth at heart.

But back to the point, Missouri really does have quite a few wineries.  The closest one to us is just down I-70 in Rocheport.  Les Bourgeois Vineyards is one of our favorites.  They have several sweet varieties (the Pink Fox is pictured above) that we drink on a regular basis.  Being that it is so close it is rare for us to pay much over $5 or $6 per bottle.  If you want the drier varieties, the prices go up a bit, but even then I cannot recall ever seeing them around here for more than $25.00 or so per bottle.

Les Bourgeois has a Blufftop Bistro (which I honestly have never eaten at, but the view is lovely) and an A-frame with a picnic area.  After one visit, the A-Frame area has become one of my favorite date spots.

There are few things quite as relaxing as sharing a bottle of Fleur Du Vin (a semi-sweet red), baguette, cheese, summer sausage, mustard and apples (well, Deven eats the apples anyway, I wouldn't touch them) while overlooking the Missouri River.  This is a meal we recreate often at home on the patio, with different variations.

In other words, if you are ever in the area, Les Bourgeois is a must try.  I'm a little ashamed I didn't go there sooner.  I lived in Columbia for nearly seven years before finally getting out there.

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  1. As the budget improves we should look into the Missouri wine passport.