Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Handy Dandy Tips: DIY Peel Off Pore Cleaning Mask

Ok, I actually forgot to pin this one, but this, again, comes from something I saw on Pinterest. It's basically an egg white mask with a twist.

I've done egg white masks before, with various mixtures, and they are not bad, but I never noticed any particular results. If you have ever used a pore strip before, you will kind of get the idea of this particular mask.

To try it, you will need:
  • One egg white
  • Tissue paper
I also mixed in two drops of tea tree oil with my egg white, because I'm pretty much convinced at his point that tea tree oil will fix just about any problem. I have read before that it is good at drying up acne, so therefore its inclusion in this mask. If you have sensitive skin I do not recommend using the tea tree oil.

Now, the idea here is pretty simple. Spread some of the egg white on your face and then apply tissue paper on top of it.. That's all.  Here is an awesome picture of me with the mask on. Probably should have gone with white tissue paper, but all I could find was blue or red with glitter in it, so blue it was.

Now, you just let it dry, then peel it off.

In the end, this one really surprised me. It actually worked. The results were not as dramatic as a pore strip, but it definitely yanked some of the nastiness from my pores. I won't post a picture of the results, because, ew. Just trust me. My skin also looked considerably brighter and was very soft.

All in all, a winner. It's far, far cheaper than pore strips and will do your whole face.

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